An Architecture & Interior Design Studio

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design

We @ Unitz Dezignz, chisel out architecture to its very core in designing ground breaking structures to make the space serene to live in.

With a dedicated team of young architects Unitz Dezignz runs on the intensity of their combined energy and focus. Every member brings his or her skills and experience to the table.

Unitz Dezignz is a vibrant, design conscious, service oriented, multi disciplinary architectural firm based in Bangalore.


We ensure that the design not only satisfies the clients requests and tastes but also keeps in mind the optimal utilization of space , is creative and contemporary and also is in line with the climatology principles.

Why Us

Unitz Dezignz offers experience and enthusiasm across various domains of architecture, offering a creative and thorough approach to all phases of any commission.

We are vibrant, design conscious, service oriented, multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Bangalore


We ensure that the schedules are strictly adhered to, coordination is seamless and faultless and that the implementation is carried out to the highest possible standards and to the client’s total satisfaction.

We Bring Ideas Home.

We provide services based on the clients requirements with redistribution of spaces to create more dynamic and inspiring living spaces. 

We Build Inspired Home Space.