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Ar. Umair Rehaman

Born in Sirsi, Ar. Umair Rehaman graduated from the School of Architecture – Ramaiah Institute of technology, Bangalore, in 2006.

In his early professional days, he practiced under Ar. Vinnu Ponnappa making it a decisive period in his professional journey.
“Ar. Vinnu Ponnappa gave me a distinct identity of an architect and taught me to enjoy the process of design.” – says Ar. Umair.

Soon after, in 2008, he established his own firm, Unitz Dezignz, in Bangalore, perceiving a career that led him to create significant, exemplary work in the profession of architecture.

He has pioneered the ambition of interdisciplinary planning and design approach in the firm, that it continues to build on, adapting it to the changing circumstances and involving the need of its clients. 


“It has been a long voyage since I entered architecture and it’s a challenging thought to know that my ambition has both remained the same yet, as well it evolves around itself and the flowing trends, creating an esteemed concept in my professional journey” – he says.