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“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design”.

Architect Umair Rehaman instilled the firm he founded in 2008, with a spirit of critical thinking and open inquiry. With a dedicated team of young architects, bringing their skills and experiences alive, Unitz Dezignz runs on the intensity of their combined energy and focus.

Unitz Dezignz is a vibrant, design-conscious, multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Bangalore. The Projects include Institutional, Residential, Villas, Apartments, Hospitality, Urban Designs and Commercial Architecture along with Interior and Landscape design.

We @ Unitz Dezignz philosophize to chisel out architecture to its very core in designing groundbreaking structures to make the space serene to live in, predominating its context and sustainability with due regard for the client’s stature.

Architecture, through our conception, is not about designing spaces but to dawn upon the client’s spirit, envisioning the design personally by curtailing all possible flaws to make it blossom into an elite edifice externally & internally in comfort.

It needs a fully-fledged adventure in designing buildings to consistently satisfy the client’s necessities and furnishing extraordinary comfort, we work hard to get accustomed to this vision, since, to us, architecture means to design the community.

“It is the spirit of the place that enlivens its ambience.” Ar Umair perceives.


We provide services based on the clients requirements with redistribution of spaces to create more dynamic and inspiring living spaces.


Unitz Dezignz offers experience and enthusiasm across various domains of architecture, offering a creative and thorough approach to all phases of any commission.


We ensure that the different disciplines are integrated seamlessly and that the client's expectations are met in every respect.

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